Several reminders as we near the end of our fiscal year (which ends on December 31st):
  • Please submit all requests for reimbursements to the Treasurer’s office no later than December 20th.
  • All donations must be received by the Treasurer’s office by December 28th in order for the donation to appear on your 2020 end of the year financial statement.
  • We have not received the 2021 pledge envelopes as of yet. We will get them out as soon as they are received. However, please note that the assigned envelope numbers have changed so please do not use a 2020 envelope in 2021 (or your donation may be credited to someone else).
  • If you have already pledged, thank you very much! If you haven’t pledged yet, now is the time to push the red pledge button. It will quickly take you to our online confidential pledge form, eliminating the need for a stamp, paper or pen. Thank you!